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Choose from the list below for your groups night activities. These typically last from 6:30pm to 7:45pm. Students should be back in their cabins around 8:00pm.

Also see our offerings for our Science Coursesand Adventure Programs for day time avtivites. 

Night Hike and Campfire

Camp FireResizeStudents and teachers love our Night Hike and Campfire evening. While every night hike/campfire is different we typically hike for 15 to 20 minuets and then stop for a campfire and smores. Before the hike students are asked to stay silent, as this will increase the possibility of seeing wildlife. We discuss concepts such as nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular and ask the students to be on the look out! In the fall and winter months we talk about the chemical rhodopsin that helps us see at night. Once at the campfire we conduct some simple vision experiments and then light the fire for smores. Activities during the fire may include: “JOLT has talent”, repeat after me songs or group skits. During the activities students rotate through and make smores. Typically the staff ends the night with a skit of their own that is always a hit.

If there is a burn ban during your stay here we will work with you to find the best alternative to a campfire. We do have a fireplace in the dinning hall and there is a large barbeque pit at the activity field that we use with some groups for their smores. Just ask us. 

Game Show

A great review of all of our science classes, and a few brain teasers, in a game show setting.

Star Party/ Astronomy

Are you interested in the night sky, but can’t see many stars in the city? Come to camp! We give students an introduction to astronomy, discussing the sun, moon, stars, and the planets. Then we provide a couple telescopes and deep sky binoculars. Students rotate through the telescopes and binoculars in groups. Typical objects of study might be the moon and its craters, Jupiter, Mars, Orion, the Pleiades and much more. (Only available during standard time.)

Download Stars Party Worksheet

Critical Thinking

Students rotate through a series of games/activities designed to promote critical thinking.

Brian Burns Music Presentation*

Through his Once Upon a Time in Texas musical presentation, students learn about Texas State history. Brian has been out to camp several times before and we would love for your students to experience his exciting concert night! 
According to his website: "Brian is honored to be this year's recipient of The Daughters of The American Revolution Texas State Media Award. The award will be presented in Dallas on March 8th and is given in recognition of ten years of Brian's educational concert series, "Once Upon A Time In Texas". Brian has performed this program for tens of thousands of elementary and junior high school students over the past decade." http://www.brianburnsmusic.com