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Adventure Programing

Here is a list of Camp All Saints' adventure programs for the JOLT program. These courses focus on personal and group development, whether it is our low ropes course or archery, these programs help build student confidence and teamwork. 

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Low Ropes Challenge Course

Team building activities designed to incorporate physical and mental challenges. Using cables, ropes, wooden beams, or just themselves, teams explore risk-taking, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and coaching during this adventure, with a focus on collaboration. Some of the best leaders have emerged from using the low ropes course because it forces a team to problem solve together and make decisions as a group. Perhaps the shyest participant will come alive when they realize a “trick” to accomplishing the teams’ goal. All low ropes elements are no higher than three feet off the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete. Participants might walk tightropes, negotiate obstacles while blindfolded, climb walls, pass teammates through a giant web, or even just balance together as a team. All challenges are given and supervised by the program instructor. Participants gradually expand their comfort zones and recognize fears that may hinder personal and professional achievement. Each challenge draws upon team members to actively support each other, and listen to the whole group. Facilitators are trained to recognize current leaders and create situations where they are not the group leader, but perhaps someone else must lead them. Leadership and learning to follow are just two valuable tools that your group can learn on our Low Ropes Challenge Course. We incorporate a ‘challenge by choice’ philosophy, as to ensure participation, regardless of physical or emotional ability level. The philosophy of the Low Ropes Challenge Course is to allow everyone to succeed by setting their own personal goals, as well as team goals.



Students learn how to safely use a re-curve bow and arrow while also learning about kinetic and potential energy.


Science of Survival

Students learn the basic skills of outdoor survival including building shelters and starting campfires.


Swing *

Part of our high ropes challenge course, the Giant Swing is a 35-foot tall swing that allows students to choose how high they swing. It promotes personal growth and helps build teamwork. Physics concepts such as simple machines, work, motion, and energy are introduced. The participant will be secured in the front by a steel cable and carabiner and will be pulled up by their fellow teammates. Once they are ready to swing they release a climbing rope. This element is great for challenging students and helping them face their fears. However, the choice is always theirs. We will not ever force a student or let ANYONE else force them into a swing that they did not choose to do. We encourage them to grow but respect their decisions. All instructors are Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certified as of summer 2013 or later.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.



Students learn the basics of fishing such as baiting and setting hooks, as well as basic fish anatomy and adaptations.


Boating *

Want to spend a little extra time on Lake Texoma? Our boating class offers students the chance to go out on the lake in either a kayak (group size of 15 or less) or a canoe! Once they are all equipped with a paddle and life-jacket, we begin by giving a short introduction to strokes, and entering and exiting the boat. Then it is time to hit the water! You can either paddle around in the cove or travel down the creek if the lake level permits!

* Courses have an extra fee associated with them.


High Ropes *

Students learn to work together and trust each other while building self-esteem and learning to challenge themselves. Our certified instructors make sure it is a fun and safe experience. Numerous elements to choose from.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.


Mountain Biking *

Students learn a few biking basics before going on a ride on one of our many trails.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.


Rock Wall *

Part of our high ropes challenge course, the Rock Wall promotes personal growth by letting the student choose how high they ascend. It also builds teamwork by allowing everyone to participate in a team belay.

*Courses have an extra fee associated with them.

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Service Project

Students can help us keep Camp All Saints beautiful and complete one or more service projects


See Operations Director for the current list of projects.

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