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JOLT Program Resources:

  1. Journal Pages for each student
  2. STAAR TEKS are located to the right of this page.
  3. Student Packing List (English) or Student Packing List (Spanish)
  4.  Pencil or pen for each student
  5.  Refillable water bottle for each student (Dehydration is a concern when kids are active).
  6. Cabin assignments:
    1. Youth Cabins 
    2. Adult Cabins 
  7. Hold Harmless & Release Waiver:
    1. English Waiver
    2. Spanish Waiver
  8. Chaperone Guides 
  9. Camp Maps
  10. Ort Graph 

Teacher Advisory Board: 

       Tishia Crump - Bells ISD

Custom Curricula At Your Site!

Teachers, If you can't come to Camp All Saints, Have our instructors come to

your school.  We develop curricula and conduct educational programs related

to the environment and science.  Contact us for pricing and other information.


Check This Out:   www.lnt.org 

Museums, Zoos, Other Informal Settings Can Boost Science Learning, Says Report

Which Offers Guidance for Improving These Experiences