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Grounds and Facilities



Students and chaperones stay in spacious cabins!

Four cabins, each divided into two sides, are designed to house 14 people per side

(twelve students and two chaperones). Two cabins, each divided into two sides, are designed

to house 8 people per side (six students and two chaperones).

Cabins have a main bathroom with 3 private showers as well as a separate chaperone bathroom.

Cabins also have large, attached meeting spaces with tables and chairs.

The cabins accommodate groups of up to 144 people (96 students and 48 adults)

and are all equipped with air conditioning and heat. 

Cabin 2 A/B - Cabin 5 A/B(Youth)

Cabin 1 A/B and Cabin 6 A/B(Adult)


Cabin Set Up

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Classrooms and Other Facilities

Over 5 miles of lakefront ~ Rappelling from 60 feet ~ Low ropes challenge course ~ NEW High Ropes Course
Well equipped classrooms ~ Top quality science equipment ~ Over 600 acres of hiking trails


Indoor Spaces

There are four classrooms strategically placed throughout the camp, as well as an activities center (Beck Activities Center) located along the northern waterfront, which is big enough for large group activities. There is also a Health Center, Powers Center, Dining Hall, and Sports Field.


Carefully planned, well-balanced menu ~ Salad Bar and fresh fruits at each meal
Special dietary needs accommodated

Health and Safety 

Staff trained in First Aid, CPR, Boater Safety, Basic Water Safety, Lifeguards
Policies and procedures in place for flash flood, fires, medical emergency
6 Automated External Defibrillators
Strategically placed assistance call boxes