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Summer Camp

Annual Summer Camps designed for students entering grades 3-12 are invited each year to join us for a great summertime on Lake Texoma. 

All camp sessions are coeducational. 

About Camp

Emphasis is placed on individual growth in the context of the Christian community through building relationships with other youth and adults, religious education and worship, and a variety of well-planned and supervised creative and recreational programs.

An Episcopal priest, deacon, or a qualified religious education worker is responsible for the worship and education program of each session. Each activity area is designed to teach the goals of our program.  They are age-appropriate with an opportunity to experience progression, challenge, and success. 

Meet our Summer Camp Director 
Deacon Katie Gerber!

Contact Katie at 903-786-3148, x-4; or

Deacon Katie Gerber was appointed as Summer Camp Director and EDOD Youth Coordinator in late 2021. Ordained to the Diaconate in 2021, Deacon Katie has worked in youth ministry for over 15 years. Prior to seeking Holy Orders, Deacon Katie spent 30 years working for the State of Texas in Child Protective Services. Thus she comes to this position was a lifelong passion for children and youth. Deacon Katie has two grown daughters and two grandsons whom she adores. Deacon Katie has been called to minister to, love, and protect children and youth. Her priorities are to lead young people to Christ and help them build deep and lasting relationships with our Creator while ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual safety all along the way.

Sandi Creswell.jpg

Want to speak with our Operations Director? 
Contact Sandi Creswell directly!

Phone Number: 
903-786-3148 ext 1

Camp All Saints would like to present Sandi Creswell! Sandi is our Operations Director here at Camp All Saints. Boy, what can we say about a lady who works so hard! She graduated from Brookhaven College. Sandi began working at Camp All Saints as a JOLT instructor in 2008 and later became the Program Director of
JOLT. She then moved to the Main Office as Operations Director. Sandi is the wheels to the operation here at Camp All Saints. However, her first love has always been the kids and the JOLT program. Sandi lives here on Lake Texoma and spends her free time with her growing family. With 3 kids, and now grandchildren Sandi stays busy with her family, fishing, boating, camping, and swapping stories here at Lake Texoma.

"I love seeing the students, campers, and adults enjoying life out in nature"! ~ Sandi​

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